Training Employment Pipeline

Baltimore Cyber is offering a pipeline that provides entry through advanced level practitioners training, education and experience pathways for advancing an IT/Cyber career. The pipeline provides a training baseline that supports employment ‘On’ and Off’ ramps. For example, a trainee with little or no IT/Cyber knowledge, enters the pipeline and completes General / Basic training. As the individual progresses they become sufficiently knowledgeable to simply continue training or seek out an Internship and supplement their continuing education with On-The-Job experience.  With additional training the individual acquires the skills and knowledge necessary to continue learning under an Apprenticeship program. Additional training prepares the individual for Journeymen level employment and eventually Advanced level employment. The key to the pipeline approach is that it adapts to the individual. The individual allocates the time and picks the path / ramps that best address their personal and training needs.   The system accommodates, via ‘On’ and ‘Off’ ramps, individuals across the spectrum of knowledge, skills and experience.

Training Modules

Baltimore Cyber provides curriculum development, training and range services in support of the Maryland ‘EARN’ Grant

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Cyber Awareness Training

When considering Cyber awareness training “One Size Does Not fit All”. Training requirements for IT

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Range Training & Simulation

Baltimore Cyber's Range provides advanced cyber security training utilizing a hyper-realistic virtual network environment, advanced

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