Range Training & Simulation

Baltimore Cyber’s Range provides advanced cyber security training utilizing a hyper-realistic virtual network environment, advanced network tools and real-world attack scenarios. It operates as a closed, sequestered environment. Cybersecurity trainees, work in a safe and secure learning environment that simulates complex, enterprise network environments, generates realistic traffic flow and then executes real-world threats. Trainees use commercial Security Operation Center(SOC) tools to monitor the system, detect the threat, mitigate the compromise, correct any damage and then modify the network configuration as required to prevent future attacks. The risks associated with the real-world threats utilized dictated that their deployment be limited to a closed training / testing network.

Cyber Awareness Training

When considering Cyber awareness training “One Size Does Not fit All”. Training requirements for IT

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Training Employment Pipeline

Baltimore Cyber is offering a pipeline that provides entry through advanced level practitioners training, education and experience

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Training Modules

Baltimore Cyber provides curriculum development, training and range services in support of the Maryland ‘EARN’ Grant

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