BCR Cyber’s Training Pipeline Management (“TPM”) provides entry through advanced level practitioners training, education and experience pathways for advancing an IT/Cyber career. The TPM provides a training baseline that supports employment on and off ramps. An “on-ramp”, for example, is when a trainee with little or no IT/Cyber knowledge, enters the pipeline and completes basic training. As the individual progresses, they become sufficiently knowledgeable to simply continue training or seek out on-the-job experience, including internships, apprenticeships and/or full-time employment. With additional training, the individual acquires the skills and knowledge necessary to continue learning under an Apprenticeship program. Additional training prepares the individual for Journeyman level employment and eventually Advanced level employment. The key to the TPM approach is that it adapts to the individual. The individual allocates the time and picks the path that best addresses their personal and training needs.  The system accommodates individuals across the spectrum of knowledge, skills and experience.



Intrusion Countermeasures Education & Training (ICE-T)


Introduction to Network and Operating System basics. Includes an overview of threats, cyber attacks and how they work. This course includes an introduction to the Cyber Range and SOC operations.

Advanced Cybersecurity Training (ACT)


The course is delivered as a hands-on, cyber attack simulation. Students are required to identify the attack, mitigate the compromise and then remediate the damage. Each scenario concludes with a discussion of measures to prevent a future attack.

Certified CMMC Professional (CMMC CCP)


The Certified CMMC Professional course provides the CMMC knowledge required to support CMMC certification. Considerable effort is allocated to understanding security standards and documentation.

AWS Cloud Practitioner


The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner program provides foundational AWS knowledge. Course material presents AWS Cloud concepts, services, and terminology. Ideal for those with limited cloud experience or no prior IT experience.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)


The Certified Information Systems Security Professional course is designed for experienced security practitioners, managers and executives applying their knowledge across a wide array of security practices and principles


BCR Cyber’s Range provides advanced cyber security training utilizing a hyper-realistic virtual network environment, advanced network tools and real-world attack scenarios. It operates as a closed, sequestered environment. Cybersecurity trainees, work in a safe and secure learning environment that simulates complex, enterprise network environments, generates realistic traffic flow and then executes real-world threats. Trainees use commercial Security Operation Center (SOC) tools to monitor the system, detect the threat, mitigate the compromise, remediate any damage, and then modify the network configuration as required to prevent future attacks. BCR Cyber’s Range provides a safe, real-world cyber training environment supporting advanced cyber training and testing. The risks associated with the real-world threats utilized dictated that their deployment be limited to a closed training / testing network.

The Range training system represents a hands-on, holistic approach to cyber training. The training flow can be divided to three main steps each part of the integrated Training Management System (TMS):

1. Training Setup – In this stage the trainer defines the training structure, taking into consideration its goals and the skills of the trainees. The relevant cyber-attack scenarios are selected. The selected network is then automatically cloned and allocated for each scenario.

2. Training Execution – The live training phase in which legitimate traffic is injected into the training network. The selected attack scenarios are then streamed into the network at the direction of trainer. The attack includes attempts to inflect damage such as business disruption, confidentiality and information loss. The trainers monitor the session, and provide feedback / guidance according to the attack scenario.

3. Training Review – At this point the trainer debriefs the trainees by reviewing their performance during the training session and analyzing the attack. The training session is concluded with group and individual feedback, a summary of lessons learned and emphasis on improvement


BCR Cyber provides certification training for (ISC)2, CompTIA, CMMC and AWS certifications. BCR Cyber is a Licensed Training Provider of (ISC)2 and an Official Training Partner of the Cyber AB.